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No lodge is complete without the appropriate working tools  from TheMAAC.com™ : 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production and shipment.

Working Tools
All tools are available in Silv-X or  gold-plated finish.

Altar Compass & Square
4 1/2-inch Compass, 4-inch Square

DESIGN A: Compass only, Silv-X
PRICE: $41.99

DESIGN A-2: Compass only, gold plate
PRICE: $44.99

DESIGN B: Square only, Silv-X
PRICE: $31.99

DESIGN B-2: Square only, gold plate
PRICE: $34.99

DESIGN C: Compass & Square set, Silv-X
PRICE: $69.99

DESIGN C-2: Compass & Square set, gold plate
PRICE: $76.99

Funeral Set: Compass & Square w/ clip

DESIGN A: Funeral Set, Silv-X
PRICE: $79.99

DESIGN B: Funeral Set, gold plate
PRICE: $84.99

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Blue Lodge Tools
All tools available in Silv-X finish only.

Design A: Level
PRICE: $34.99

Design B: Plumb
PRICE: $34.99

Design C: Sr. Deacon Combination Tool
PRICE: $78.99

Design D: Folding Gauge
PRICE: $234.99

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available in Silv-X or Gold plated. Please specify when ordering.

DESIGN A: Silver Trowel w/ ribbon*
PRICE: $14.99
* ribbons available in white, purple, or black
for gold-plated trowel, add $4.00

DESIGN B: 1.5-inch blade
PRICE: $21.99 (SILV-X) $24.99 (GOLD-PLATED)

DESIGN C: 3-inch blade
PRICE: $31.99 (SILV-X) $34.99 (GOLD-PLATED)

DESIGN D: 4-inch blade*
PRICE: $36.99 (SILV-X) $41.99 (GOLD-PLATED)
*Engraving on this item is available at 50 per letter.

DESIGN E: decorated 4-inch blade
PRICE: $36.99 (SILV-X) $41.99 (GOLD-PLATED)

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Rod Tops
These rod tops are available in nickel finish (silver) or gold plate.

DESIGN A: Compass & Square, nickel
PRICE: $87.99 

DESIGN A-2: Compass & Square, gold plate
PRICE: $89.99

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DESIGN B: Senior Deacon, nickel
PRICE: $87.99

DESIGN B-2: Senior Deacon, gold plate
PRICE: $89.99

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DESIGN C: Junior Deacon, nickel
PRICE: $87.99

DESIGN C-2: Junior Deacon, gold plate
PRICE: $89.99

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DESIGN D Steward, nickel 
PRICE: $87.99

DESIGN D-2 Steward, gold plate 
PRICE: $89.99

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DESIGN E: Sentinel, nickel
PRICE: $87.99

DESIGN E-2: Sentinel, gold plate
PRICE: $89.99

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DESIGN F: Master of Ceremonies, nickel
PRICE: $87.99

DESIGN F-2: Master of Ceremonies, gold plate
PRICE: $89.99

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6-foot rods to hold Rod Tops

DESIGN A: One-piece rod
rod colors: natural, black, white
Lacquered finished ash wood; solid yet lightweight. White and black end caps available.
PRICE: $39.99

DESIGN B: Two-piece rod
Hardwood pole with varnished wood finish and has screw joint for ease of storage.
PRICE: $64.99

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